Martial arts for you and your dog

Aegis Gunfire Familiarization

A dog that isn't used to gunfire wont be able to protect you or your loved ones. We desensitize all our working dogs to gunfire. We start with small calibers and work all the way up to rifle fire with each dog. Making sure that each dog has a neutral experience with gunfire produces the best performing dogs under chaotic real world conditions.

Razor Alert

Having a dog that will bark agressivly on command is extremely useful to keep potential threats at a distance. In addition, it is useful to have a dog that can alert you to a threat you have not yet noticed. Early warning will allow you to avoid conflict all together if possible. We train all our dogs to perform these functions for you reliably and safely.

Aegis Suit Bite

Knowing your dog will bite when it is needed for real is a great comfort to the protection dog owner. Many so called protection dogs will only engage the threat if they have certain equipment on, or in certain locations like the normal training area. We work with dogs and owners to provide training that keeps the dog focused on the threat not the equipment and make sure the dog will bite on command in any environment you bring them to.

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